Born in USA, 1975.  Practicing the Art of Make Up since 1999.


Hi, my name is Stacey.  Welcome to my journey through my life adventures with Beauty, Food and Everything CBD infused. 


I know I'm expected to write all about my accomplishments in the industry here, brag about all the celebs I have had the opportunity to work with and all my knowledge I have learned from my years in this beauty business. But I'm not. Instead I'm going to share how I got here. To this very place, at this very moment ...


I’ve discovered through my healing process and various encounters with women from all walks of life that we are empowered by what we see in ourselves, the reflection we see in our mirrors. My mission through this journey with you is for Every Single One of you to Love what you see everyday. Fall in love with your imperfections instead of continually trying to change what makes each one of us just that: “our unique selves.”

I aim to guide women on how to comfortably accentuate what stands out instead of covering it up!

My life, heart, mind and soul took a hard hit about 3 years ago. My reality was turned upside down and collapsed piece by piece until nothing was left besides me and my daughter. I felt defeated, unattractive, rejected, lost and so much more.


The pain I felt from that is what drove me to rebuild in a completely different way. Instead of drowning in my pain, with the support of friends and family, I made the choice to turn that pain into my Super Power!

After I discovered me again, I found my own kind of beautiful, what my real passion were: Beauty, Food, and CBD.  I haven't stopped working towards finding out who I am.  And so I created this platform to share with others. To inspire all of you the way I was inspired. Showing women how to find their own kind of beautiful.

Their very own unique way to StayGlam.

Stacey Menzer.


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